Zhao Rong-Chun

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With the aim to provide an inexpensive but high performance real-time head mounted eye tracker, named EyeSecret, we present a novel system derived from openEyes which share the common idea to integrated Eye tracker to everyday life and reach its full potential. To obtain the robustness, intrusiveness and accuracy from relative low-cost and off-the-shelf(More)
Gait recognition refers to automatic identification of an individual based on his/her style of walking; it is a new biometrics recognition technology. This paper attempts to describe a gait contour by using Fourier descriptors, to make a periodical analysis on the height and width ratio of the gait image, and to solve the problems resulting from an image(More)
The speaker modeling technique is an essential problem in robust speaker recognition, especially when enrolment data is sparse. This paper presents a novel modeling approach named multi-eigenspace modeling technique based on regression class (RC-MES), which integrates the common eigenspace technique and the regression class (RC) idea of maximum likelihood(More)
This paper presents a dynamic visual feature extraction scheme to capture important lip motion information for visual speech recognition. Discriminative projections based on a-priori chosen speech classes, phonemes and visemes, are applied to the concatenation of pre-extracted static visual features. First- and second-order temporal derivatives are(More)
Traditional unsupervised change detection algorithms based on simple MRF model assume that subimages applied to extracting features are homogeneous, but that is not always true and causes low accuracy. Based on the fields correlation Markov random field (CMRF) model, an adaptive algorithm is proposed in this paper. The labeling is obtained through solving a(More)
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