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A novel ring-like Fe2O3-based catalyst: Tungstophosphoric acid modification, NH3-SCR activity and tolerance to H2O and SO2
Abstract A novel H3PW12O40·6H2O (HPW)-decorated ring-like Fe2O3 was synthesized via mechanical-chemistry grinding of HPW and Fe2O3 nanorings prepared by a microwave-assisted hydrothermal method. TheExpand
Separation, preconcentration and determination of Pb(II) in water samples using microcrystalline triphenylmethane loaded with quinolin-8-olate
Abstract This paper described a novel method for the preconcentration of Pb(II) using microcrystalline triphenylmethane loaded with quinolin-8-olate prior to the determination by flame atomicExpand
Real-time determination of microbial activity of pasteurized fluid milk using a novel microrespirometer method.
The effectiveness of the rapid CO2 evolution rate (CER) method was evaluated by using a novel noninstrumental microrespirometer to determine the microbial activity of pasteurized milk and comparingExpand
Electrically Conductive Silver Paste Obtained by Use of Silver Neodecanoate as Precursor
An electrically conductive silver paste has been prepared from an organometallic compound, silver neodecanoate, as silver precursor. The precursor was highly soluble in organic solvents andExpand
Keggin-tungstophosphoric acid decorated Fe2O3 nanoring as a new catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia
Abstract With the aim of developing a new sort of highly effective and eco-friendly catalyst for NOx abatement, 40 wt.% 12-tungstophosphoric acid (TPA)-decorated Fe 2 O 3 nanorings were synthesizedExpand
Acidizing Reaction in Microtubes:Deposition and Interface Effects
The micro-scale flow behavior in glass microtubes has aroused the interest of a wide variety of researchers in recent years.The glass microtubes with different inner diameters were used in this paperExpand
Germanium-based polyoxometalates for the adsorption-decomposition of NOx.
A series of germanium-based Keggin-type polyoxometalates (POMs), including H4GeW12O40 (HGeW), H5GeW11VO40 (HGeWV), H5GeMo11VO40 (HGeMoV) and H5GeW9Mo2VO40 HGeWMoV), were first synthesized andExpand
Quantitative Determaination of AM/AMPS Copolymer in Aqueous Solution by Using Improved Color Development Reaction Method
In pilot polymer flood project performed at northern block W 18 of Weicheng, Zhongyuan, a home manufactured AM/AMPS copolymer is chosen as flooding polymer. The sodium hypochlorite method recommendedExpand
Influence of Carbon Dioxide on the Polymerization Behavior of Sodium Silicate-acrylamide Solution and Products Properties
The polymerization behavior of acrylamide at its low concentration in sodium silicate solution under different pressure of carbon dioxide was studied.The microstructure and rheological properties ofExpand