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Bismuth and antimony-based oxyhalides and chalcohalides as potential optoelectronic materials
In the last decade the ns2 cations (e.g., Pb2+ and Sn2+)-based halides have emerged as one of the most exciting new classes of optoelectronic materials, as exemplified by for instance hybridExpand
Computational Design of Optoelectronic Semiconductor Materials
In this paper we will discuss how we can exploit the first-principles high-throughput calculations approach to rationally design semiconductor materials for various optoelectronic applications suchExpand
Coexistence of Ferroelectric-like Polarization and Dirac-like Surface State in TaNiTe5
Yunlong Li, ∗ Zhao Ran, ∗ Chaozhi Huang, Guanyong Wang, Peiyue Shen, Haili Huang, Chunqiang Xu, Yi Liu, Wenhe Jiao, Wenxiang Jiang, Jiayuan Hu, Gucheng Zhu, Chenhang Xu, Qi Lu, Guohua Wang, QiangExpand