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Hybrid Communicating Sequential Processes (HCSP) is an extension of CSP allowing continuous dynamics. We are interested in applying HCSP to model and verify hybrid systems. This paper is to present a calculus for a subset of HCSP as a part of our efforts in modelling and verifying hybrid systems. The calculus consists of two parts. To deal with continuous(More)
A type of Tm-doped silica fiber laser with narrow-linewidth and output wavelength near 1750 nm was firstly presented, by using a 1550 nm Er-doped fiber laser pump source and a volume Bragg grating (VBG). By means of a 15 cm Tm-doped fiber, a 400 mW continuous wave (cw) at ~1750 nm with FWHW of ~54 pm was generated, corresponding to an average slope(More)
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