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We present an improved mobile Ad Hoc Network on-demand routing protocol which based on AODV by controlling the broadcasting of RREQ information. This protocol analysis the lifetime of node when implementing routing discovery, and avoiding the unnecessary information sending efficiently. By compare AODV with IAODV in the same scenario, the new protocol is(More)
Currently the research on input-queued ATM switches is one of the most active research fields. Many achievements have been made in the research on scheduling algorithms for unicast input-queued ATM switches and also applied in commerce. But the goal of the research on scheduling algorithms for multicast input-queued ATM switches only focuses on providing(More)
This paper presents a design of a a high-precision shaft angle acquisition system used in the solar panel by the implementation of absolute round induetosyn as angle sensor, the Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) and resolver to digital converter (RDC), and the AVR micro controller which is used as the central processor. This paper also introduces the(More)
The fault diagnosis model of steam turbine based on Bayesian network is direct impacts on the complexity of the diagnostic process, so the construction of Bayesian network model is the primary problem. According actual fault diagnosis system of steam turbine containing redundancy and uncertain information, proposed attribute reduction method to fault(More)
This paper mainly introduced a FPGA-based design model for low-bit Remote Subcarrier. This demodulation method is designed to accomplish carrier synchronization and bit synchronization quickly and effectively. It can achieve synchronization in FPGA which refer to the theory of software wireless. We should validate the arithmetic whether can satisfy the need(More)
The research of congestion control for Internet reliable multicast is one of the most active fields in reliable multicast protocol research. Many reliable multicast congestion control mechanisms have been put forward. In this paper we present principal problems of congestion control for Internet reliable multicast, analyze solutions and difficulties of(More)
The Star Sensor can be used to assist the inertial navigation system (INS) for navigation and positioning, restraining the accumulated error caused by the inertial components. During the integrated navigation process, the Star Sensor is installed above the INS, generated installation errors between the INS body coordinate system and the Star Sensor body(More)
In order to reduce the influence on horizontal misalignment, which is caused by external velocity error under the external damping mode in Strapdown Inertial Navigation System (SINS for short), the technology of dual-system parallel processing is presented in the SINS calculation. Solution system 1 is the same as traditional solution model, in which log(More)