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Synthetic aperture imaging using an array of cameras, which has become popular recently, can easily handle the occlusion problem by ‘‘seeing through’’ occluders. Unfortunately, the resulting image is still blurry because it combines information not only from the region of interest but also from the occluding regions. Removing the blurriness of synthetic(More)
In mobile communication systems, the intermodulation interference caused by the non-linearity of passive components may have a greater impact on the performance of networks, especially in a scene of multi-system combiners or sites deployed adjacent to each other. In this paper, we comprehensively analysis all the intermodulation interference may face by(More)
Orthogonal experimental design, an effective method of multi-factors researches, is capable of reducing the times of experiments, determining the sequence of priority of influencing factors rapidly and figuring out the best parameters and confidence degree. The novel characteristic of this paper is to apply the orthogonal experimental design into the(More)
This paper introduces a speech separation system as a front-end processing step for automatic speech recognition (ASR). It employs computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) to separate the target speech from the interference speech. Specifically, the mixed speech is preprocessed based on auditory peripheral model. Then a pitch tracking is conducted and(More)
A commercial CFD scheme FLUENT was used to simulate the working fluid (H2) flow process in solar thermal propulsion system. According to the ground test operating conditions and parameters of the solar thermal propulsion system, the system properties such as hydrogen flow, heat transfer in the solar thermal propulsion system were studied. The flow field(More)
In this paper, we investigate how to quantitatively evaluate the performance of state estimation in a discrete event system. We adopt stochastic automaton to quantitatively describe a discrete event system. With the stochastic automaton, we can calculate the probability of occurrence of any event sequence. We say that an event sequence (with sufficient(More)
In terms of density functional theory combined with statistic mechanics computations, we investigated a dimetallic sulfide endohedral fullerene Sc2S@C76 which has been synthesized without any characterization in experiments. Our theoretical study reveals that Sc2S@Td(19151)-C76 which satisfies the isolated-pentagon rule (IPR) possesses the lowest energy,(More)
In modern industry, the requirement of the accuracy of gear measuring instruments is higher and higher. In order to solve the transmission error of Ball screws, based on ACR9000 motion controller, in this paper, we design a direct drive control system of gear measuring center, and develop the underlying database software of the controller and host computer(More)
In order to expand the cell coverage of wireless cellular systems, the number of passive components in wireless systems has been substantially increased. There can be many passive intermodulation (PIM) point-sources even in a device or a radio link, which may add up constructively or destructively. A modified point-source model with lossy components is(More)