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Host-pathogen interactions are complex processes, and revealing these interactions is challenging. Beauveria bassiana is a destructive pathogen to the economically beneficial silkworm, Bombyx mori, but is also a good pathogenic material for investigating insect responses to fungal infection. For better understanding of the molecular regulation of immune(More)
As macroscopic three dimensional (3D) architectures show increasing significance, much effort has been devoted to the hierarchical organization of 1D nanomaterials into serviceable macroscopic 3D assemblies. How to assemble 1D nanoscale building blocks into 3D hierarchical architectures is still a challenge. Herein we report a general strategy based on the(More)
Passive torque servo system (PTSS) simulates aerodynamic load and exerts the load on actuation system, but PTSS endures position coupling disturbance from active motion of actuation system, and this inherent disturbance is called extra torque. The most important issue for PTSS controller design is how to eliminate the influence of extra torque. Using(More)
Dynamic model based vehicle state variables observer is a step towards economical on-board sensing system. However a complex model always leads to a control system with a poor real-time performance, while a simple model cannot exhibit real characteristics of a vehicle. In order to make an accurate and sententious estimate for yaw rate and side slip angle,(More)
The fluorescence spectra of 22 samples of 8 kinds of edible vegetable oils (soybean oil, maize oil, olive oil, rice oil, peanut oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil) were measured with FS920 fluorescence spectrometer and the fluorescence matrixs (EEMs) were analyzed with parallel factor (PARAFAC) analysis model. To synthesize the capabilities of(More)
Zero thermal expansion (ZTE) behavior is rare but important for both fundamental studies and practical applications of functional materials. Until now, most available ZTE materials are either electrical insulating oxides or conductive metallic compounds. Very few ZTE materials exhibit the semiconductor feature. Here we report a ZTE in a semiconducting(More)
A method for identification and concentration measurement of petroleum pollutant by combining three-dimensional (3-D) fluorescence spectra with parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) was proposed. The main emphasis of research was the measurement of coexisting different kinds of petroleum. The CCl4 solutions of a 0# diesel sample, a 97# gasoline sample, and a(More)