Zhao Longzhi

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The machining precision and surface quality of high-speed wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM-HS) have been unable to meet the requirements of growing mold industry and precision parts machining. Since the successful development of WEDM technology in the late 1950s, there is quite a long time to implement one-time cutting and forming based on(More)
Ceramic foam used as filtering materials for purifying diesel exhaust will be subject to high-speed impact of gas. The impacted process for ceramic foam was simulated based on ANSYS finite element software in this paper, the strain distribution and the damage characteristics of materials were studied in different parameters. The results show that when the(More)
The 3-D transient temperature field in selective laser sintering of copper powder were simulated by ANSYS finite element software. The moving Gauss heat resource is achieved by ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL). The results show that when the power is constant, with the decrease of the scanning speed, the heat is easier to concentrate, and the(More)
The filling process of plastic melts in the cavity of injection mold for the buckle in the automobile inner decoration was simulated based on the Moldflow software. The best gate location was obtained in this work, which ensures the product can be filled completely. Furthermore, the optimum design of gate location and number of plastic product were(More)
In order to avoid the surface sink marks on the automobile dashboard decorative covers, the combined effects of multi-molding process parameters are analyzed by the combination of orthogonal experiments and Moldflow simulation tests. By this method, it can gain the experiment data which can reflect the overall situation using fewer number of simulation(More)
Nickel foam is mainly used for the battery electrode materials specifically for MH-Ni batteries, which can be widely used in the portable computers, the mobile phones and the hybrid electric vehicle. It is important to study the mechanical properties. The effects of the porosity and model type of the open cell nickel foam on the tensile behavior were(More)
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