Zhao-Long Xiong

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In this paper, we analyze the relationship between viewer and viewing zones of integral imaging (II) system and present a partially-overlapped viewing zone (POVZ) based integral imaging system with a super wide viewing angle. In the proposed system, the viewing angle can be wider than the viewing angle of the conventional tracking based II system. In(More)
In this paper, we simplify the equipments for integral imaging (II) pickup and implement an active II system based on multiple structured light (MSL) method. In the active II system, the complete three-dimensional (3D) shape of the 3D scene can be reconstructed, and the tunable parallaxes can be generated without occlusions. Therefore, the high-quality 3D(More)
We propose a method based on the selective pixel sampling algorithm to generate a nonunified integral imaging (II) elemental image array (EIA) with reduced moiré patterns at a low rendering cost and high three-dimensional (3D) resolution. In the proposed method, the redundant 3D information is captured for the nonunified pixel arrangement of elemental(More)
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