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Based on an analysis of error sources of industrial robots, we build a pose error model of industrial robots with screw theory, which overcomes the defect that the error on the y-axis could not be reflected by the classical D-H parameter method. Given the error sources which influence the end-executor's accuracy, we established a screw representation of the(More)
This paper puts forward a model of the seamless collaboration between human and industrial robot depending on the technology of using the electroencephalogram(EEG) to control the movement of industrial robots. Wavelet packet decomposition is operated on the EEG signals for analysis. EEG signal features that industrial robot motion control needs are(More)
  • Zhao Liang, Lu Jun, Xu Sheng-Jun, Chen Deng-feng, Li chang-hua, Dang Fa-ning
  • 2014
An image segmentation fast method based on multi-scale belief propagation is proposed to solve the concrete CT image segmentations problem. Firstly, according to the feature of belief propagation algorithm, a self-characteristic multiscale belief propagation(MBP) is proposed; Then, according to compute complexity problem in process of belief messages(More)
In recent years, the research of concrete based on CT Images has been popular. A new modified Ray-casting on VTK aims to solve the poor effect on 3-D reconstruction of concrete CT image, which has great influence on the construction of accurate 3-D meso-concrete numerical model. Owing to this result, A new tech-VTK system came into being to get improvement(More)
This paper investigates the dynamics and control aspects of the linear motion of a pendulum-driven spherical rolling robot. The dynamic model is deduced for the linear motion of a spherical robot by using the Euler-Lagrange formulation. By appropriate definitions the equations of motion for the robotic system are transformed into the state space form. A(More)
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