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Let R be a ring. We introduce weakly reversible rings, which are a generalization of reversible rings, and investigate their properties. Moreover, we show that a ring R is weakly reversible if and only if for any n, the n-by-n upper triangular matrix ring Tn(R) is weakly reversible. Also some kinds of examples needed in the process are given.
The autonomous parking system is an intelligent technology to park a car into a small space. More and more studies have addressed this issue. However, the planned path in these studies is not smooth enough. Based on Ackermann steering geometry, the car kinematic model is established in this paper, the collision possibility between car body and obstacles in(More)
A 57-year-old woman with refractory vasovagal syncope and a sinus pause of 6.8 seconds during tilt-table test accepted the suggestion of atrial vagal denervation. Radiofrequency pulses were delivered on positive vagal reflex sites according to the standard of heart rate (HR) drop ≥20% after high frequency stimulation (HFS). The endpoint of inexistence of HR(More)
Based on the theory of the mathematical model of induction motor, the model of induction motor vector control is proposed with the simulation toolkit of Matlab/Simulink, and the related sub-system modules are described in detail and the specific illustrations of the sub-system are also given. Take a simulation of the system, the results such as the(More)
Based on an analysis of error sources of industrial robots, we build a pose error model of industrial robots with screw theory, which overcomes the defect that the error on the y-axis could not be reflected by the classical D-H parameter method. Given the error sources which influence the end-executor's accuracy, we established a screw representation of the(More)
Molecular markers have become an invaluable tool in monitoring disease status particularly of leukemias, as bone marrow samples can be easily collected for analysis during all stages of disease development including diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Two genes that have been used as prognostic markers in acute leukemia are Wilms' tumor (WT1) and multidrug(More)
Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (PLSA) is a powerful statistical technique to analyze relation between co-occurrence data, and has wide usages in automated information processing tasks. However it involves non-trivial computation and is often difficult and time-consuming to train when the dataset is big. MapReduce is a computing framework designed by(More)
This paper puts forward a model of the seamless collaboration between human and industrial robot depending on the technology of using the electroencephalogram(EEG) to control the movement of industrial robots. Wavelet packet decomposition is operated on the EEG signals for analysis. EEG signal features that industrial robot motion control needs are(More)