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An Event Model Adapted for Analysis of Verb Sense in Natural Language
The relation of verb and event is analyzed, and an event model adapted for representing the event connotation, the extension and the relation between them is presented and the algorithm adapted for analysis of verb sense is given. Expand
Research on an intelligent knowledge service system based on internet
The paper analyses the tutoring requirements of junior high school students, puts forward an intelligent tutoring program base on knowledge service, and establishes the Web Intelligent Tutoring Knowledge Service System (WITKSS), which uses automatic reasoning based on knowledge to realize the intellectualization and automatization of the tutorship of objective mature problem. Expand
Research and Implementation of an NLU System
A NLU's system which was constituted on the basis of Knowledge-bases with accidence and syntax analysis as assistant means to realize terrain natural language’s understanding was put forward. Expand
Research on Models of Concept and Relation between Concepts Adapted for Semantic Disambiguation of Natural Language
The abstract-concrete concept tree (ACCT) adapted for describing the relations between the abstract concepts and the concrete concepts is given and the description adapted for semantic disambiguation of natural language is given. Expand
An Intelligent System on Solving middle school Algebraic Equation
An intelligent system on solving middle school algebric equation based on internet, tutoring-oriented, high precision and high accuracy, guarantee good interaction between users and long-distance server and informations can be transfered and feedbacked quickly. Expand
Design and Implementation of a Intellectualized System for Plane Geometry
A intellectualized system for plane geometry is a tutorship expert system of using quite extensive, It is the complicacy of the question for plane that the implementation of system became moreExpand
Research on mode of intelligent tutorship system based on Internet and its design
Aiming at the current tutoring industry and to solve the problems of automatic and real-time tutorship, students’ learning and mastering knowledge progress after class are analyzed and a framework of the intelligent internet tutorship system is constructed. Expand
An exploration of the Evaluation and Future Development of Network Search Engine
Net search engine is the major tool in net information search, the evaluation quota system and future development of which interact. The interaction between them is crucial for the development of netExpand
Research on Machine Theorem Proving Based on Domain
The process of machine proof according to the reasoning logically of knowledge technique, aimed at a certain and concrete type to carry out homologous prototype system, got the satisfactory result. Expand