Zhao Junwei

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For multi-UAV cooperative reconnaissance to enemy's multi-task points, because of multi-task, reasonable clustering is needed and the task clustering model should be established. In this paper, the task planning model is established according to task clustering of each UAV, and the sequence of task execution is determined. Reasonable task clustering(More)
For greatly overcoming disadvantages of low convergent rate and high mean square error of constant modulus algorithm (CMA) and defects of high computational complexity of polyspectra algorithms, sign kurtosis maximization adaptive algorithm (SKM-AA) for updating blind equalizer weight vectors is developed based on kurtosis of stochastic signals, the(More)
Conventional LMS (least mean square) based adaptive line enhancer (ALE) has the disadvantages of slow convergence, low performance in suppressing non-Gaussian colored noise and in tracing time-varying signals. In order to overcome these defects greatly, a novel combined kurtosis driven variable step size LMS adaptive line enhancer (CKDALE) is suggested. In(More)
For the route planning problem of multi-UAVs hidden depth strike, a improved variable step length A* optimization search algorithm is proposed based on UAVs kinematic equations. And for multi-UAVs cooperative route planning problem, we propose a multi-UAVs time and space consistency of coordinated attacks fast algorithm. Simulation results show, the(More)
For target assignment problem of multi-UAV intercept enemy airplane in collaborative combat mission. Through analysis the main factors affecting target assignment, fusion situation advantage index and air combat capability index, establish comprehensive advantage evaluation matrix. Give the relative importance fuzzy index value based on expert experience.(More)
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