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Recently, the second generation wavelet which is lifting scheme of the first generation wavelet has attached much attention, because it keeps the good characteristics of the first generation wavelet transform and gets over the limitation of the first generate wavelet transform. This paper expounds of the lifting scheme and the excellent characteristics of(More)
Named Entity Recognition is one of the key techniques in the fields of natural language processing, information retrieval, question answering and so on. Unfortunately, Chinese Named Entity Recognition (NER) is more difficult for the lack of capitalization information and the uncertainty in word segmentation. In this paper, we present a hybrid algorithm(More)
The paper puts forward a quasi-dependency model for structural analysis of Chinese baseNPs and a MDL-based algorithm for quasi-dependency-strength acquisition. The experiments show that the proposed model is more suitable for Chinese baseNP analysis and the proposed MDL-based algorithm is superior to the traditional ML-based algorithm. The paper also(More)
The complexity of production scheduling problem in cold rolling line is analyzed, which is formulated as two parts, namely, the coil-merging optimization and the rolling batch planning. The optimization of steel coil merging is constructed as a multiple container packing problem (MCPP) that is computed by a new proposed algorithm, discrete differential(More)
A hierarchical hidden Markov model (HHMM) based approach of product named entity recognition (NER) from Chinese free text is presented in this paper. Characteristics and challenges in product NER is also investigated and analyzed deliberately compared with general NER. Within a unified statistical framework, the approach we proposed is able to make(More)
Verticillium dahliae is a causative fungal pathogen and only a few genes have been identified that exhibit critical roles in disease resistance and few has shown positive effects on the resistance to Verticillium wilt in transgenic cotton. We cloned a receptor-like kinase gene (GbRLK) induced by Verticillium dahliae (VD) in the disease-resistant cotton(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the role of polymorphisms in IL-16 genes on the susceptibility of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). METHODS A total of 260 CAD cases and 281 health controls were collected between January 2008 and November 2011. Genotyping of IL-16 rs8034928, rs3848180, rs1131445, rs4778889 and rs11556218 was conducted by polymerase chain(More)
The paper proposes an information-theory-based method for feature types analysis in probabilistic evaluation modelling for statistical parsing. The basic idea is that we use entropy and conditional entropy to measure whether a feature type grasps some of the information for syntactic structure prediction. Our experiment quantitatively analyzes several(More)
In order to diagnose the state of the liquid level sensor on the tank truck and make sure the wireless sensor networks (WSN) work properly, this paper studies an on-line self fault diagnosing method for liquid level sensors installed on oil tank trucks. First, a flexible fault sensing circuit is designed as a state detection module on sensor node. Second, a(More)