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A contradiction between wide swath and high spatial resolution exists in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging processing. Displaced phase centers multiple azimuth beams (DPC-MAB) system can make a tradeoff between them, but it arises non-uniform sampling in the azimuth direction. In this paper, a novel reconstruction method associated with the fractional(More)
Compressed sensing (CS) is a recently developed theory which allows reconstruction of sparse signals with a number of measurements much lower than that required by the Nyquist sampling. The theory has been applied in many areas within synthetic aperture radar (SAR). This paper presents a novel method of constructing measurement matrix for CS-based SAR(More)
With the resolution of SAR getting finer, the traditional 1-D autofocus algorithm may fail to cope with the situation that a target's echo exhibits a residual range migration error exceeding one or more range resolution cells during the course of the synthetic aperture. In this case 2-D autofocus becomes particularly important. Commonly used 2-D autofocus(More)
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