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Since there are mass of images in the outward-appearance patent-image database, a retrieval approach developed for this database is greatly demanded. The shape information of the patent image is the key feature for a patent image. Therefore, we present an outward-appearance patent images retrieval approach based on contour-description matrix. This matrix(More)
a 32×32-b High-speed Parallel Multiplier is proposed in this paper. The new Multiplier uses a Radix-16 Booth Encoder, uses a mixed compressed tree constituted by 4-2 and 5-2 compressor and an improved 64-bit carry-look ahead adder (CLA) which combines the characteristics of CSS and CLA. The test result shows that, compared with iterative multiplier,(More)
A proper discretization 1 of numerical attributes is of paramount importance on applications of data mining and machine learning. In the classical discretization algorithm based on information entropy, the importance of the breakpoints is measured by the decrement of the uncertainty level in a decision table. In this paper, a novel discretization algorithm(More)
Particle filter is a statistic filtering method based on sequential simulation. It has an outstanding contribution to the nonlinear non-Gaussian dynamic system. But how to choose particle probability distributing function and deal with particle degeneration is the key to the algorithm. A new evolutional algorithm called ant system is used during the(More)
This paper applies quadratic Renyi entropy to enterprise financial distress prediction and puts forward a learning algorithm of least squares support vector machines (LS-SVM) based on quadratic Renyi entropy.By respectively analysis and comparison of the algorithm with the traditional LS-SVM,the standard SVM,MLR and BP-ANN, we can see that this algorithm is(More)
  • Zhao Juan
  • 2011 Second International Conference on Mechanic…
  • 2011
According to the working characteristics and the requests of uphill belt conveyer, this article introduced on uphill belt conveyer catcher the computational method, the detailed inferential reasoning mediated the belt catcher the best operating time formula, most greatly installs the spacing formula as well as the conveyer entire factory needs the catcher(More)
  • Zhao Juan
  • 2010 2nd IEEE International Conference on…
  • 2010
The inter turn short-circuit in rotor windings take the induced electromotive force, which is detected by detecting coil, as a study object. And a method of fault diagnosis based on Wavelet analysis and neural network is presented. The induced electromotive force is analyzed by wavelet packet, which can decompose and construct the energy eigenvectors. Then(More)
High error rate is critical to the wireless video transmission. Our paper tackles the problem of robust video streaming over error-prone channels. Basing on an autoresilient multiple-description coding method and a multi-path transmission strategy, further study is done on the computational complexity of rate-distortion optimization for video coding and(More)
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