Zhao-Jing Wu

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In the deterministic case, a significant improvement on stability analysis of nonlinear systems is caused by introducing Barbalat’s lemma into control area after Lyapunov’s second method and LaSalle’s theorem were established. This note considers the extension of Barbalat’s lemma to the stochastic case. To this end, the uniform continuity and the absolute(More)
A more general class of stochastic nonlinear systems with irreducible homogenous Markovian switching are considered in this paper. As preliminaries, the stability criteria and the existence theorem of strong solution are firstly presented by using the inequality of mathematic expectation of Lyapunov function. The state-feedback controller is designed by(More)
In this paper, the problem of stochastic modeling and tracking control of a two-link planar rigid robot manipulator is considered. A stochastic Lagrangian model is constructed to describe the motion of the manipulator in random vibration environment. Based on the constructed model, a state feedback controller is designed such that the error system is 4-th(More)
In this technical note, we improve the results in a paper by Shi et al., in which problems of stochastic stability and sliding mode control for a class of linear continuous-time systems with stochastic jumps were considered. However, the system considered is switching stochastically between different subsystems, the dynamics of the jump system can not stay(More)