Zhao-Hui Du

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The emerging hardware support for thread-level speculation opens new opportunities to parallelize sequential programs beyond the traditional limits. By speculating that many data dependences are unlikely during runtime, consecutive iterations of a sequential loop can be executed speculatively in parallel. Runtime parallelism is obtained when the speculation(More)
Thread-level speculation is a technique that brings thread-level parallelism beyond the data-flow limit by executing a piece of code ahead of time speculatively before all its input data are ready. This technique appears particularly appealing for speeding up hard-to-parallelize applications. Although various thread-level speculation architectures and(More)
INTRODUCTION Fungal infection is increasingly common in critical illness with severe sepsis, but the influence of invasive fungal infection (IFI) on severe sepsis is not well understood. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact that IFI has on the outcomes of critically ill surgical patients with severe sepsis in China by means of matched cohort(More)
Software value prediction (SVP) is an effective and powerful compilation technique helping to expose thread-level speculative parallelism. With the help of value analysis and profiling, the compiler identifies critical and predictable variable values and generates speculatively parallelized programs with appropriate value prediction and misprediction(More)
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