Zhao Di Liu

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This paper presents a novel dc capacitor voltage balance control method for cascade multilevel static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and a general analytical method for balance control strategy. Considering that the imbalance of dc capacitor voltage is caused by the inconsistency of active power absorbed and consumed by chain, a balance control strategy(More)
The repetitive control technology is a high cost-performance waveform control technology widely used in the control of inverter. Compensator as the key parts of repetitive controller is usually adopted as the combination of notch filter with second-order filter. The process of designing and debugging of the repetitive controller, which needs more(More)
The traditional PID control strategy which is realized in digital method canpsilat achieve better performance than that in analog control. The reason was analyzed why the digital process influences the digital controlled PWM inverterpsilas performance in this paper. One is the process of the zero-order hold. Another one is one-step-delay control which is(More)
Compared with analog control, digital control adopted in PWM inverter possesses the evident advantages but the traditional PID control strategy which is realized in digital method often can't achieve better performance than in analog control. In past references, there is hardly quantitative analysis on the effect of digital process on the performance of PWM(More)
Based on the analysis of the pneumatic Braking mechanism, the model of the electric-pneumatic transmission is built which is the key step of the brake system. The EP transmission is a nonlinear and time-varying procedure. It means that the model can not be accurate all along, so a compound controller with Bang-Bang and self-adaptive fuzzy control is(More)
The title compound, [Sb(C(5)H(10)NS(2))(3)], was synthesized from Sb(2)O(3), diethyl-amine, carbon dis-ulfide, hydro-chloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The structure has been published previously but H atoms were not included in the model [Raston & White (1976 ▶). Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. p. 791]. The current determination has significantly higher precision(More)
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