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Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has been widely reported as a novel method for thin film encapsulation (TFE) of organic light-emitting diodes and organic photovoltaic cells. Both organic and inorganic thin films can be deposited by ALD with a variety of precursors. In this work, the performances of Al2O3 thin films and Al2O3/alucone hybrid films have been(More)
Merbau is widely used for indoor finishing, outdoor constructions, and furniture. However, it has a disadvantage in some applications in that part of its extractives is water-soluble and can be readily leached out to stain adjacent materials. This study examined whether heat treatment could overcome the above-mentioned problem. Effects of the treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic syndrome (MS) is combination of medical disorders that increase people's risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. Little data exists on the prevalence of MS of rural original adults in Ningxia of China. METHODS A cross-sectional survey method was used and the participants were interviewed by trained health workers under(More)
The reports of the Sri Lanka study are not in the peer-reviewed literature. Data from the Guyana sugar plantations must include factors other than DDT and malaria because profound differences existed in all-cause mortality in adults and children over the span of the reports. Whether DDT was effective in those areas at that time cannot determine whether it(More)
This paper introduces various aspects of the Chinese Intelligent Chat Robot Xiao Hui-hui in detail: the internal structure, the existing foundation, the final effect, and the problems encountered in the construction process and their solution. In the field of the Chinese Intelligent Chat Robot, the lack of a perfect corpus and Chinese segmentation system(More)
Since the physical behavior of many tissues is shown to be viscoelastic, we propose a novel registration technique for medical images via physical principles of viscoelasticity. It allows the template and the target images to differ by large local deformations like viscous fluid and small local deformations like elastic solid. With an extra elastic term(More)
  • Zhao Yi
  • 2012
As the strategic objective on inland-opening economy in Ningxia put forward, development of Halal food and Moslem supplies industry has also be mentioned as a strategic project. While according to the development of Halal food and Moslem supplies industry in Ningxia at present and the new productions of theories of trade, we brought forward three phases to(More)
  • Zhao Yi
  • 2009
Considering the limited antenna size, limited repeater power and other characters of the space-based Phased Array TT&C Communication Satellite, this paper presents a new calibration method called "PN sequence +non-data BPSK", which guarantees the accuracy of channel amplitude and phase calibration by combining with Multi-period Coherence(More)
NONCODE is a comprehensive database that aims to present the most complete collection and annotation of non-coding RNAs, especially long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA genes), and thus NONCODE is essential to modern biological and medical research. Scientists are producing a flood of new data from which new lncRNA genes and lncRNA-disease relationships are(More)
The strong magnetic fields generated by reactors, which not only interfere other electric equipmentspsila regularly running, but also are potentially harmful to substation employeespsila health, are the main electromagnetic contamination in substations. In this paper, a mixed finite-element (FE) model for dry-type air-core reactor, which considers the(More)