Zhao Chunhong

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The event related potentials (ERPs) is an electrical change recorded from the brain in relation to an event that occurs either in the external world or within the brain itself. Here we are to design a system capable of learning a particular mapping between ERPs and different mental tasks is of great significance. ERPs is traditionally extracted by(More)
Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) is a method to obtain a representation of data using non-negativity constraints. These constraints lead to a part-based representation in the vector space because they allow only additive, not subtractive, combinations of original data. This is how NMF learns a part- based representation. This paper introduces briefly(More)
There are inherent speckle noises in the medical ultrasound image. Speckle is multiplicative noise and the main reason to cause ultrasonic image degenerate. A new method of speckle reduction based on wavelet transform and soft threshold is presented and discussed. We compare our proposed technique with two existing speckle reduction methods. The results(More)
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