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Somaclonal genetics of rice, Oryza sativa L.
The inheritance and variations of some traits of more than 2,000 somatic cell derived plants of rice (Oryza sativa L.) were investigated in the second and third generations (T2 and T3) of regenerated plants (somaclones), and variations phenotyped in T2 proved to breed true. Expand
Study on Vegetation Community's Structure of Degraded Grassland of Noxious and Miscellaneous Grass Type
On the degraded grassland of noxious and miscellaneous grass type, according to its different degree of the degradation and the distribution of the Stellera chamaejasme L., the main noxious grass onExpand
The Effect of the Water Resource Management Policy on Desertification in Minqin Oasis
There was a complex interaction between water management policy and desertification in arid area. Based on the method of combined of field survey and participatory interviews, we studied that waterExpand
Trade-off between height and branch numbers in Stellera chamaejasme on slopes of different aspects in a degraded alpine grassland
Aims Trade-off is the basis of life history strategy theory. Elucidation of the trade-off between plant height and branch numbers is important for understanding the phenotypic plasticity of plantsExpand
Species richness of grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) on natural grasslands in relation with topography in the upper reaches of Heihe River, western China analyzed with generalized additive models
The environmental heterogeneity caused by topographical diversity is an important mechanism underlying the formation and maintenance of bio-geographic pattern of diversity distribution at theExpand
The analysis and evaluation on grassland ecosystem service function value of Shandan Horse Field in Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve
The evaluation on grassland ecosystem service function value based on maintaining the structure,characteristics and processes plays an important role in formulating reasonable regional ecologicalExpand
Relationship between flower size and leaf size,number of Stellera chamaejasme population of degraded alpine grassland along an altitude gradient
The relationship between flower size and leaf size and number reflects the plant adaptation strategies in external morphology during the long-term interaction of plants with differentExpand
Fine-scale spatial patterns of Stellera chamaejasme population in degraded alpine grassland in upper reaches of Heihe,China
The point pattern method was used to analyze population pattern, size and density of S.chamaejasme cover in the upper reaches of Heihe,China, and found that with increasing cover, the population density and territory density tended to increase,decrease, and then increase and the number of the S. chamaejame population tended to increased and decrease in turn. Expand
Response of reproductive allocation of Stellera chamaejasme population in alpine grassland to altitude
Reproduction has a very close relationship with species survival and development,and is the core in the study of plant life history.The environmental factors under the restriction by altitude haveExpand