Zhao-Ba Wang

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Although Support Vector Machine (SVM) is widely used in astronomy, it only takes the margin between classes into consideration while neglects the data distribution in each class, which seriously limits the classification efficiency. In view of this, a novel automatic classification method of star spectra data based on manifold-based discriminant analysis(More)
This paper proposed a novel effective quantitative analysis method for FTIR spectroscopy of polluted gases, which select the best wavenumbers based on the idea of interval dividing. Meanwhile, genetic algorithm was adopted to optimize the connect weights and thresholds of the input layer and the hidden layer of extreme learning machine (ELM) because of its(More)
The optical path difference of the photoelastic modulator Fourier transform spectrometers (PEM-FTS) changes rapidly and nonlinearly, while the instrument preserves the speed as high as about 10(5) interferograms per second, so that the interferograms of PEM-FTS are sampled by equal interval. In order to fleetly and accurately reconstruct these spectrums,(More)
Passive ranging method of short range and single band was developed based on target radiation and attenuation characteristic of oxygen spectrum absorption. The relation between transmittance of oxygen A band and range of measured target was analyzed. Radiation strength distribution of measured target can be obtained according to the distribution law of(More)
In order to enhance the spectrum resolution of current photo-elastic modulator-based Fourier transform spectrometer, a multi-reflected photo-elastic modulator-based interferometer structure was proposed in the present paper. Through coating reflecting film alternatingly on the photo-elastic crystal and light oblique incidence, and allowing the incident ray(More)
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