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Current mobile network architecture is constructed through introducing mobile IP protocol on the basis of IP network. On the one hand it cannot break away from the inherent limitation of IP network, such as no strong security, complex forwarding devices, lack of high expansibility and no QoS guarantee. On the other hand it brings some new problems due to(More)
A digital camera is utilized to shoot and monitor the surface based on the principle of photogrammetry so as to obtain spatial data quickly, make large scale maps, establish of three dimension ground model according to the digital measurement system, detect surface and abandoned slope changes underground and test the reasonableness of blasting hole position.
  • Zhao Qun
  • 2011
This thesis utilizing photographic surveying principle and using a digital camera to shoot and monitor the mine surface, quick-get mine spatial data, formed large scale shadowgraph. Measuring changes of the earth's surface and underground mining condition, meanwhile, it detect the rationality position of the blasting hole using the shooting video mine, and(More)
Landscape planning is based on science and art. Landscape planning is to do space planning, design according to coordinate relationship of man and earth, man and nature. Landscape planning take sustainable development as the basic goal. In modern landscape planning area, more and more high technology are combined with planning and design theory to solve(More)
Combined with integrated management function of three data libraries ((DEM, DOM and DLG) and based on the digital photogrammetry workstation (DPW) such as the JX-4A three-dimensional code data collection, GIS data, AutoCAD data, the three-dimensional model of the city was built. The urban landscape three-dimensional system was developed using VC++ and(More)
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