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Regression testing which is part of the software life cycle costs much time in the whole process of testing, especially in GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing. Thus aiming at the object-oriented software, we propose a method called function-diagram based regression testing. GUI is described by function-diagram; regression testing cases are selected by(More)
Due to the increasing complexity of Web applications, traditional function security testing ways, which only test and validate software security mechanisms, are becoming ineffective to detect latent software security defects (SSD). The number of reported web application vulnerabilities is increasing dramatically. However, the most of vulnerabilities result(More)
Software security test (SST) is a useful way to validate software system security attribute. Defects based testing technologies are more effective than traditional specification testing technologies, and more and more researchers pay their attention to the testing methods. Before testing, an organized list of actual defects is especially essential. But at(More)
In software testing, test oracles do not always exist or are too hard to generate, which is called "test oracle problem". Metamorphic testing (MT) provide an effective way to alleviate the problem based on metamorphic relations (MR). As a MR is satisfied by a set of test cases, it does not mean that the test cases are success. Therefore, more MRs are needed(More)
Adaptive random testing (ART), as an improved random testing method, preserves the advantages of traditional random test method and overcomes the blindness of traditional random testing method. But it is usually not easy to validate the correctness of the output, except for some special test cases. In other words, the test oracle problem is unresolved. In(More)
In this paper, we try to apply metamorphic testing in a superficial area calculation program, which is common for most of the GIS systems. We construct metamorphic relation (MR) with different properties and characters of the program and its algorithm. These MRs construction methods are also useful for other programs testing of GIS system. At last, we(More)
A software security testing behavior model, SETAM, was proposed in our previous work as the integrated model for describing software security testing requirements behavior, which is not only compatible with security functions and latent typical misuse behaviors, but also with the interaction of them. In this paper, we analyze the differences between SETAM(More)