Zhansen Yang

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The first example of droplet digital PCR logic gates ("YES", "OR" and "AND") for Hg (II) and Ag (I) ion detection has been constructed based on two amplification events triggered by a metal-ion-mediated base mispairing (T-Hg(II)-T and C-Ag(I)-C). In this work, Hg(II) and Ag(I) were used as the input, and the "true" hierarchical colors or "false" green were(More)
In this study, a one-step lateral flow biosensor (LFB) has been developed, optimized and validated for quantitative detection of Hg(II) in water. In the measurement principle, just one T-rich ssDNA probe (TSP) for the specific binding process was successfully employed in the competitive LFB based methods. The concept of an independent quantification system(More)
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