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Effects of spectral response function on surface reflectance and NDVI measured with moderate resolution satellite sensors
Abstract We report the results of a modeling study on the sensitivity of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and surface reflectance to differences in instrument spectral response functionsExpand
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Impact of aerosols on convective clouds and precipitation
[1] Aerosols are a critical factor in the atmospheric hydrological cycle and radiation budget. As a major agent for clouds to form and a significant attenuator of solar radiation, aerosols affectExpand
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Estimation of evaporative fraction from a combination of day and night land surface temperatures and NDVI: A new method to determine the Priestley-Taylor parameter
Satellite remote sensing is a promising technique to estimate global or regional evapotranspiration (ET) or evaporative fraction (EF) of the surface total net radiation budget. The current methods ofExpand
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Hotspot and NDVI Differencing Synergy (HANDS): A New Technique for Burned Area Mapping over Boreal Forest
Biomass burning releases significant amounts of trace gases and smoke aerosol into the atmosphere. This has an impact on the Earth's radiation budget, the magnitude of which has not yet been wellExpand
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Aerosol and boundary-layer interactions and impact on air quality
Air quality is concerned with pollutants in both the gas phase and solid or liquid phases. The latter are referred to as aerosols, which are multifaceted agents affecting air quality, weather andExpand
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India Is Overtaking China as the World’s Largest Emitter of Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide
Severe haze is a major public health concern in China and India. Both countries rely heavily on coal for energy, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitted from coal-fired power plants and industry is a majorExpand
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Aerosol optical properties and radiative effects in the Yangtze Delta region of China
[1] One year's worth of aerosol and surface irradiance data from September 2005 to August 2006 were obtained at Taihu, the second supersite for the East Asian Study of Tropospheric Aerosols: AnExpand
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Microphysical effects determine macrophysical response for aerosol impacts on deep convective clouds
Significance Deep convective clouds (DCCs) play a key role in atmospheric circulation and the hydrological and energy cycle. How aerosol particles affect DCCs is poorly understood, making itExpand
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Analysis of cloud layer structure in Shouxian, China using RS92 radiosonde aided by 95 GHz cloud radar
[1] The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Mobile Facility (AMF) was deployed in Shouxian, Anhui Province, China from 14 May to 28 December 2008. Radiosonde data obtained during the AMF campaign areExpand
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Global climatologies of solar radiation budgets at the surface and in the atmosphere from 5 years of ERBE data
As a result of recent satellite-based observation programs, knowledge of the radiation budget at the top of the atmosphere has improved substantially. In comparison, there has been little improvementExpand
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