Zhanqing Chen

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In the research of computer vision and machine perception, 3D objects are usually represented by 2-manifold triangular meshes M. In this paper, we present practical and efficient algorithms to construct iso-contours, bisectors, and Voronoi diagrams of point sites on M, based on an exact geodesic metric. Compared to euclidean metric spaces, the Voronoi(More)
In optical metrology, state of the art algorithms for background and noise removal of fringe patterns are based on space-frequency analysis. In this Letter, an approach based on variational image decomposition is proposed to remove background and noise from a fringe pattern simultaneously. In the proposed method, a fringe image is directly decomposed into(More)
The use of fly ash is not only in harmony with the concept of sustainable development, but also beneficial to some mechanical properties of concrete. This paper discusses steel corrosion rate time-changing law in concrete with different replacing ratios of low calcium fly ash(10%~30%) and the microcosmic characteristic of concrete-steel interface. The steel(More)
In this paper, we are concerned with denoising in experimentally obtained electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) speckle fringe patterns with poor quality. We extend the application of two existing oriented partial differential equation (PDE) filters, including the second-order single oriented PDE filter and the double oriented PDE filter, to two(More)
Electronic speckle pattern interferometry fringe patterns usually have poor contrast so it is important to enhance fringe contrast for the extraction of phase from a single fringe pattern. We present new enhancement methods based on differential equations (called DE enhancement methods) to electronic speckle pattern interferometry fringes. The DE(More)
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