Zhanqiang Liu

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Surface topography and chemical nature of biological materials play an important role in regulating cell behaviors. For the intention of improving the biological performance of Ti6Al4V, the hierarchical micro/nano-topographies containing bioactive ions (Ca(2+) and Mg(2+)) were fabricated in this study. Briefly, the hierarchical micro/nano-topography was(More)
We report a new rapid household microwave method to successfully grow graphene on h-BN flakes without using any catalysts. We obtained a novel uniform multilevel matrix of vertical graphene sheets on h-BN flakes. The unique structure possessed outstanding electron conductivity and thermal properties (29.1 W m(-1) K(-1)).
Extraordinary tubular graphene cellular material of a tetrahedrally connected covalent structure was very recently discovered as a new supermaterial with ultralight, ultrastiff, superelastic, and excellent conductive characteristics, but no high specific surface area will keep it from any next-generation energy storage applications. Herein, we prepare(More)
Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy milling has been frequently used in aviation/aerospace industries. Application environments put forward high requirements to create a desired proportion of the constituent phases and fine grain size for optimum mechanical properties of the machined workpiece. However, quantifying microstructural features of dual-phase (α + β)(More)
Nanoparticle-assembled vanadium dioxide (VO2) films have been easily prepared with the assistance of cetyltrimethylammonium vanadate (CTAV) precursor which exhibits self-assembly properties. The obtained VO2 film has a micro/nano hierarchical porous structure, so its visible-light transmittance is significantly improved (∼25% increased compared to(More)
High efficiency dry face milling experiments on powder metallurgy superalloy, were conducted using coated carbide tools. The approach to prolong the service life of the TiAlN-TiN coated carbide tool in milling powder metallurgy superalloy is presented. By the use of SEM and energy spectrometer, the wear morphology and mechanisms of rake face and flank wear(More)
This study is to provide reference for the proper understanding of the content of "Promoting Innovation and Access to Quality, Safe, Efficacious, and Affordable Medicines for Children" resolution of 69th World Health Assembly (WHA), and facilitate the policy making and implication of the Resolution. Through descriptive analysis, the author introduce the(More)
The physical and chemical properties of bio-titanium alloy implant surfaces play an important role in their corrosion resistance and biological activity. New turning and turning-rolling processes are presented, employing an oxygen-rich environment in order to obtain titanium dioxide layers that can both protect implants from corrosion and also promote cell(More)