Zhanping Liang

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In this paper, we discuss the existence of positive periodic solutions to the nonlinear differential equation u′′(t)+ a(t)u(t) = f (t, u(t)), t ∈ R, where a : R → [0,+∞) is an ω-periodic continuous function with a(t) ≡ 0, f : R × [0,+∞) → [0,+∞) is continuous and f (·, u) : R → [0,+∞) is also an ω-periodic function for each u ∈ [0,+∞). Using the fixed point(More)
Existence and bifurcation of positive solutions to a Kirchhoff type equation ⎧⎪⎨ ⎪⎩ − ( a + b ∫ Ω |∇u|2 ) u= νf (x,u), in Ω, u= 0, on ∂Ω are considered by using topological degree argument and variational method. Here f is a continuous function which is asymptotically linear at zero and is asymptotically 3-linear at infinity. The new results fill in a gap(More)
Article history: Received: 30.5.2015. Received in revised form: 19.12.2015. Accepted: 20.12.2015. Non-destructive testing for rock bolts in this study considers loads typical of anchors in practical engineering. The non-destructive testing experiment has been conducted for bolts under various load levels with variation characteristics of the dynamic testing(More)
In the paper, we investigate the least energy sign-changing solution and the ground state solution of a class of (p,q)-Laplacian equations with nonlocal terms on RN . Applying the constraint variational method, the quantitative deformation lemma, and topological degree theory, we see that the equation has one least energy sign-changing solution u. Moreover,(More)
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