Zhanping Chen

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Reduction in leakage power has become an important concern in low voltage, low power and high performance applications. In this paper, we use dual threshold technique to reduce leakage power by assigning high threshold voltage to some transistors in non-critical paths, and using low-threshold transistors in critical paths. In order to achieve the best(More)
Flip-flops and latches are crucial elements of a design from both a delay and energy standpoint. We compare several styles of single edge-triggered flip-flops, including semidynamic and static with both implicit and explicit pulse generation. We present an implicit-pulsed, semidynamic flip-flop (ip-DCO) which has the fastest delay of any flip-flop(More)
Low supply voltage requires the device threshold to be reduced in order to maintain performance. Due to the exponential relationship between leakage current and threshold voltage in the weak inversion region, leakage power can no longer be ignored. In this paper we present a technique to accurately estimate leakage power by accurately modeling the leakage(More)
Dual threshold technique has been proposed to reduce leakage power in low voltage and low power circuits by applying a high threshold voltage to some transistors in non-critical paths, while a low-threshold is used in critical path(s) to maintain the performance. Mixed-Vth (MVT) static CMOS design technique allows di erent thresholds within a logic gate,(More)
Power dissipation in CMOS circuits heavily depends on the signal properties of the primary inputs. Due to uncertainties in specification of such properties, the average power should be specified between a maximum and a minimum possible value. Due to the complex nature of the problem, it is practically impossible to use traditional power estimation(More)
In this paper, we develop a novel technique based on Markov chains to accurately estimate power sensitivities to primary inputs in CMOS sequential circuits. A key application of power sensitivities is to construct a complicated power surface in the specification-space so as to easily obtain the power dissipation under any distribution of primary inputs,(More)