Zhanmeng Liu

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In order to explore the feasibility of energy-free denitrifying N-rich wastewater, a self-powered device was uniquely assembled, in which ammonia/nitrate coupled redox fuel cell (CRFC) reactor was served as removing nitrogen and harvesting electric energy simultaneously. Ammonia is oxidized at anodic compartment and nitrate is reduced at cathodic(More)
A novel coagulant, polyferric(III)-magnesium(II) sulfate (PFMS), was prepared. The preparation technology was optimized and the optimized PFMS product was used to treat actual textile wastewater. The performance of PFMS was evaluated and compared with those of conventional coagulants. X-ray diffraction and infrared spectrometry show that PFMS is a(More)
The performances of ordered mesoporous carbon CMK-3 (OMC), bamboo-based carbon (BC), and these two kinds of adsorbents modified by thermal treatment in the ammonia atmosphere at high temperatures were evaluated for the removal fluoroquinolone antibiotic (ciprofloxacin) from aqueous solution. The adsorption behavior of ciprofloxacin (CIP) onto OMC and BC(More)
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