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Routing and scheduling act important roles in improving capacity and throughput in wireless mesh networks. In this paper, Cayley graph model is suggested for wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) with MIMO channels for efficient routing and fair scheduling. The model is based on the multiple interfaces, directional antennas, single channel mesh model. And the link(More)
Multiple sequence alignment is a fundamental problem in computational molecular biology. This paper shows a brand new refinement strategy combining divide-and-conquer and Beam-Through alignment (DC-BTA). Optimization objective function (OF) is additively computed with new stage beam area, which is corresponding to beam area rate in [6]. The refinement is(More)
This paper supposes a new graph model for wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) with MIMO channels. The model is based on the anttena model and single channel mesh, place edges into different channel plane avoiding interference. The active edge group algorithm select the most active edges without interference, then perform high throughput. The coding scheme in the(More)
Multiple-radio multiple-channel (MRMC) wireless mesh networks (WMNs) generally serve as wireless backbones for ubiquitous Internet access. These networks often face a challenge to satisfy multiple user traffic requests simultaneously between different source-destination pairs with different data transfer requirements. We construct analytical network models(More)
Multiple sequence alignment is a fundamental computing research topic in bioinformatics field. This paper introduces the implementation of BTA multiple sequence alignment and discusses divide and conquer cut points strategy for long biology sequences. The BTA alignment software can provide unique cut point strategy and can recursively refine the alignment.(More)
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