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PURPOSE Secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) develops in patients with chronic renal failure. This study aimed to compare analgesic efficacy in SHPT patients who undergo subtotal parathyroidectomy after superficial versus deep cervical plexus block. METHODS Sixty chronic renal failure patients with SPHT scheduled for subtotal parathyroidectomy were(More)
A segmented phase noise mitigation algorithm is proposed for OFDM systems. By partitioning the received signal in the time domain, the mitigation can be processed segment by segment. This method can reduce the ICI effectively and lower the influence brought about by phase noise. The computing complexity is analyzed, and simulations are carried out to(More)
The design and implemental plan of the farmland irrigation remote monitoring system with variable frequency and constant pressure based Configuration Software and multiple serial port communication were introduced. The implementation of the communication between inverter, PLC, ADAM and KingView was studied. The data acquisition and monitoring scheme were(More)
According to the disadvantages of traditional box for preservation, including low oxygen and high carbon, a new control system of high oxygen is designed. This paper presents the design and implementation method in this system. The system combines traditional PID control with fuzzy control which can adjust parameters of the whole system automatically. The(More)
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