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To extract value of knowledge, the multi-agent architecture of electronic commerce knowledge management system (KMS) based on agent and ontology has been introduced, which includes four major types of agent and one Function Knowledge Agency that deals with each stage of knowledge life cycle. In this architecture, Ontology is used to define a common(More)
With the rapid development of information technology and the gradual extension of information technology to enterprise, ERP systems become more and more complex and some new requirements that focus on both manufacturing activities and the supply chain are brought forward. To address these problems, a MAERP system architecture based on agent and SOA has been(More)
To develop more powerful and flexible supply chain management (SCM) system, after the definition of agent and the abstract architecture of a federated MAS system with three types of agents, the integrated architecture of SCM system based on Agent has been presented, which includes three layers. Function layer of SCM with five function agents is in charge of(More)
An improved cost proxy model is established in the following, where the extreme imbalance between urban and rural area as well as complicated geographic environment of China was taken into consideration. On the one hand, new parameters were introduced into scene variant vector so as to prescribe urban and rural differences and also topographical(More)
To develop more powerful and flexible Organizational Decision Support Systems (ODSS), after the introduction of abstract architecture of a federated MAS system with two types of agent, the architecture of AODSS with three layers has been presented. The core layer includes two kinds of agencies: Application Agency for the common applications of this system,(More)