Zhanhong Jiang

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Modern distributed cyber-physical systems (CPSs) encounter a large variety of physical faults and cyber anomalies and in many cases, they are vulnerable to catastrophic fault propagation scenarios due to strong con-nectivity among the subsystems. This paper presents a new data-driven framework for system-wide anomaly detection for addressing such issues.(More)
— This paper presents a generalized gossip-based algorithm to solve distributed optimization problems in multi-agent networks, especially for multiple supply-demand optimization problems. The proposed algorithm provides a generalization such that the optimization process can operate in the entire spectrum of " complete consensus " to " complete disagreement(More)
Building energy systems comprising of many subsystems with local information and heterogenous preferences demand the need for coordination in order to perform optimally. The performance required by a typical airside HVAC system involving a large number of zones are multifaceted, involves attainment of various objectives (such as optimal supply air(More)
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