Zhangyong Li

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To extract sub-signal of heart period signal (HPS), a new statistical signal processing approach, namely independent component analysis (ICA) was addressed. Electrocardiosignal (ECS) was acquired from ten volunteers. ECS was sampled 8 minutes when the volunteer was in supine position, and then when the same volunteer was in erect position. HPS was extracted(More)
In order to investigate the complex course of the electrical and mechanical processes of functional dyspepsia (FD), it is necessary to extract gastric motility information on both electricity and mechanism. According to the clinical standardization, 36 volunteers with functional dyspepsia were selected. The signal processing device has been designed by(More)
In the literatures on the human vision physiology and physics, there were reports about space resolution limit of 1' visual angle, frequency resolution limit of 5 nm and time resolution limit of 0.1" of human vision. However, there has been no report about the contrast resolution limit of human vision,especially the report of measuring method and result(More)
AIM To introduce a bioimpedance gastric motility measurement method based on an electrical-mechanical composite concept and a preliminary clinical application. METHODS A noninvasive gastric motility measurement method combining electrogastrogram (EGG) and impedance gastric motility (IGM) test was used. Preliminary clinical application studies of patients(More)
A FPGA-based sweep-frequency voltage source for EIT is designed in this paper. There are three methods for generating sine signal for EIT, including the special function generator, the general purpose chip, and the ordinary oscillator circuit. The special function generator has some inherent characteristics of wide-band frequency and stable output. But the(More)
This study was directed at extracting the rabbit somatosensory evoked potential (SEP), locating and analyzing the waveform of rabbit SEP. The rabbit was narcotized and stimulated by 0.5 Hz electric pulse. Potential of scalp was sampled at 3.764 Hz. Rabbit somatosensory evoked potential was extracted by one-dimension multi-resolution analysis, and continuous(More)
This experiment was carried out to analyze the time-frequency feature of rabbit cortical somatosensory evoked potential (SEP). Rabbit was narcotized and subjected to craniotomy. SEP was from sensory and motor cortex. Stimulation was continuing many times and signal was sampled at 3 800 Hz. The peak latency of each waveform was measured. Power spectrum of(More)
The revolution in information processing, particularly the digitizing of medicine, has changed the medical study, work and management. This paper reports a method to design a system for computer-aided image diagnosis and study. Combined with some good idea of graph-text system and picture archives communicate system (PACS), the system was realized and used(More)
For some time now, the research on gastric motility and function has fallen behind in the amount of research on gastric endocrine, exocrine secretion, and gastric morphology. In this paper, a noninvasive method to study gastric motility was developed, taking bioimpedance measurements over the gastric area simultaneously with the electrogastrography (EGG).(More)