Zhangxiong Wu

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A facile ammonia-atmosphere pre-hydrolysis post-synthetic route that can uniformly and selectively deposit Fe(2) O(3) nanoparticles in the predefined mesopores (5.6 nm) of a bimodal (2.3, 5.6 nm) mesoporous carbon matrix is demonstrated. The mesoporous magnetic Fe(2) O(3) @C encapsulates show excellent performance for arsenic capture with remarkable(More)
A novel boronic acid functionalized mesoporous silica, which holds the attractive features of high surface area and large accessible porosity, was developed to enrich glycopeptides. This is the first time that mesoporous material has been introduced into glycoproteome. In comparison to direct (traditional) analysis, this novel method enabled 2 orders of(More)
Environmental pollution, energy consumption and biotechnology have induced more and more public concerns. Problems imposed by these issues will circulate in the 21st century. Adsorption-based processes may lead to one of the most efficient routes for removal of toxic substances, energy storage and bio-applications. The fundamental and great challenge is(More)
The development of a simple and reproducible route to prepare uniform core@TiO(2) structures is urgent for realizing multifunctional responses and harnessing multiple interfaces for new or enhanced functionalities. Here, we report a versatile kinetics-controlled coating method to construct uniform porous TiO(2) shells for multifunctional core-shell(More)
We report a facile "hydrothermal etching assisted crystallization" route to synthesize Fe(3)O(4)@titanate yolk-shell microspheres with ultrathin nanosheets-assembled double-shell structure. The as-prepared microspheres possess a uniform size, tailored shell structure, good structural stability, versatile ion-exchange capability, high surface area, large(More)
We report for the first time the synthesis of free-standing mesoporous carbon films with highly ordered pore architecture by a simple coating-etching approach, which have an intact morphology with variable sizes as large as several square centimeters and a controllable thickness of 90 nm to ∼3 μm. The mesoporous carbon films were first synthesized by(More)
We demonstrate an efficient synthesis of novel layered double hydroxide mesoporous silica core-shell nanostructures (LDH@mSiO(2)) that have a hexagonal MgAl-LDH nanoplate core and an ordered mesoporous silica shell with perpendicularly oriented channels via a surfactant-templating method. Transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and N(2) sorption(More)
Highly ordered mesoporous platinum@graphitic carbon (Pt@GC) composites with well-graphitized carbon frameworks and uniformly dispersed Pt nanoparticles embedded within the carbon pore walls have been rationally designed and synthesized. In this facile method, ordered mesoporous silica impregnated with a variable amount of Pt precursor is adopted as the hard(More)
Drying to meet you: Using microfluidic jet spray drying technology in conjunction with the evaporation-induced self-assembly strategy gives fast assembly (2 s) of mesoporous carbon microspheres. The key feature of the drying is the formation of a rigid silica crust which locks the particle size and shape.