Zhanguo Zong

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Underwater shock can produce very high accelerations, resulting in severe human injuries. In this paper, a shock-structure-human interaction model is proposed to study the biodynamic response of a shipboard sitting subject to ship motion induced by underwater shock (ship shock motion) wherein, the human body is modeled using a lumped parameter system with(More)
We study spin squeezing, an intrinsically quantum property, in the quantum kicked top model exhibiting chaotic behaviours in the classical limit. We show that spin squeezing can reveal the underlying chaotic and regular structures in phase space given by a sphere with a unit radius, namely, spin squeezing vanishes after a very short time for an initial spin(More)
We consider the mean spin direction (MSD) of superpositions of two spin coherent states (SCS) | ± μ〉, and superpositions of |μ〉 and |μ∗〉 with a relative phase. We find that the azimuthal angle exhibits a π transition for both states when we vary the relative phase. The spin squeezing of the states, and the bosonic counterpart of the mean spin direction are(More)
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