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Bearings are not only the most important element but also a common source of failures in rotary machinery. Bearing fault prognosis technology has been receiving more and more attention recently, in particular because it plays an increasingly important role in avoiding the occurrence of accidents. Therein, fault feature extraction (FFE) of bearing(More)
This paper puts forward a field-based semantic P2P overlay network model. We applied the field theory to the overlay network construction. In the process of overlay construction, peers with identical semantic resources were connected together to form an equipotential line. The whole overlay network consisted of a certain amount of equipotential lines. In(More)
At present, how to enable Search Engine to construct user personal interest model initially, master user’s personalized information timely and provide personalized services accurately have become the hotspot in the research of Search Engine area. Aiming at the problems of user model’s construction and combining techniques of manual customization modeling(More)
Trajectory prediction is an important problem that has a large number of applications. A common approach to trajectory prediction is based on historical trajectories. However, existing techniques suffer from the “data sparsity problem”. The available historical trajectories are far from enough to cover all possible query trajectories. We propose the(More)
A novel method based on support vector machine for coal thickness prediction through seismic attribute technology is proposed in this paper. Based on SVM which embodies the structural risk minimization principle, the proposed method is more generalized in performance and accurate than artificial neural network which embodies the embodies risk minimization(More)
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