Zhanguo Li

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Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) is a classic algorithm for regression estimation and classification. But unfortunately, for really large problems, LS-SVM can become highly memory and time consuming. In this paper, we present a simplified algorithm for LS-SVM, called I<inf>LS-SVM</inf>, which effectively reduces the algorithmic complexity. In(More)
To further enhance the distribution uniformity and extensiveness of the solution sets and to ensure effective convergence of the solution sets to the Pareto front, we proposed a MOEA approach based on a clustering mechanism. We named this approach improved multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (LMOEA). This algorithm uses a clustering technology to compute(More)
In this paper we discuss the problem of reduced-order anti-synchronization. By taking the three-order chaotic Genesio system as the drive system and the four-order hyper-chaotic Chen system as the response system, we design a scheme of reduced-order anti-synchronization with nonlinear control method. Then the exponential stability of the error dynamical(More)
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