Zhangting Zhong

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Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction and rapid prototyping technology (RPT) of multislice spiral computed tomography angiography (CTA) was applied to prepare physical models of the heart and ventricular septal defects of tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) patients in order to explore their applications in the diagnosis and treatment of this complex heart disease.(More)
Knee joint vibration signals are very useful for computer-aided analysis of the pathological conditions in the knee. In a vibration arthrometry test, the legs of patients with knee joint disorders may tremble due to the reaction of pain, which causes the baseline wander that may affect the diagnostic decision making in medical study. This paper presents a(More)
Analysis of gait patterns in children is useful for the study of maturation of locomotor control. In this paper, we utilized the Parzen-window method to estimate the probability density functions (PDFs) of the stride interval for 50 children. With the estimated PDFs, the statistical measures, i.e., averaged stride interval (ASI), variation of stride(More)
Analysis of gait dynamics in children may help understand the development of neuromuscular control and maturation of locomotor function. This paper applied the nonparametric Parzen-window estimation method to establish the probability density function (PDF) models for the stride interval time series of 50 children (25 boys and 25 girls). Four statistical(More)
"To develop a calculation method for healthy life expectancy which would be suitable for China we analyzed the healthy life expectancy of urban residents in China, employing data on residents' deaths and data available from the 1993 national survey for health services and family health conditions.... Results of the study show that the ratio of healthy life(More)
Gait is a particular locomotion pattern of human body. Analysis of gait parameters may help identify posture-related problems in people with injuries or diseases. In this work, biokinetic gyroscopes with wireless data transmission capability were used to record the right ankle angular rates during walking. A match filter and turns detection algorithm were(More)
This paper presents a feature-rich web-based system used for biomedical education at the undergraduate level. With the powerful groupware features provided by the wiki system, the instructors are able to establish a community-centered mentoring environment that capitalizes on local expertise to create a sense of online collaborative learning among students.(More)
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