Zhangquan Wang

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A Surfels 3D reconstruction method based on improved KD-Tree is put forward, firstly collecting the discrete point cloud data through RGB-D camera, replacing the circular or oval surfel model with hexagonal model for modeling and determining the surfel radius in light of neighborhood distribution of sample points; Moreover, doing inside and outside(More)
Long-running applications are often subject to failures. Once failures occur, it will lead to unacceptable system overheads. The checkpoint technology is used to reduce the losses in the event of a failure. For the two-level checkpoint recovery scheme used in the long-running tasks, it is unavoidable for the system to periodically transfer huge memory(More)
Impulse Radio Ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) is a modern radio technology that uses modulated pulses to transmit information and works at extremely low energy levels. It is popularly used in short-range, low power and low cost communications such as vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs), RFIDs and wireless sensor networks (WSN). This paper presents the design and(More)
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