Zhangmei Ma

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Dendritic cell-based immunotherapy is a new weapon in our battle against malignancies in human. Recent trials in human and research work in model animals have shown various degrees of success, suggesting its great potential for clinical use. While protocols vary, a common scheme in this category of treatment involves activation of dendritic cells, with the(More)
Background HIV transmission most commonly occurs at mucosal surfaces, and vaccine development and other preventative strategies should be directed at the transmitted viruses that are responsible for establishing productive infection. The simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) models of HIV infection use virus stocks for inoculation of monkeys at defined times.(More)
Background The role that neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) play in controlling viral replication during early HIV infection is not fully understood. Autologous HIV NAbs are first detected in humans several weeks after peak viremia, suggesting that they are not involved in the initial decrease in viral load. However, it is not clear if these antibodies are(More)
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