Zhangli Chen

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A new method for calculating auditory excitation patterns and loudness for steady sounds is described. The method is based on a nonlinear filterbank in which each filter is the sum of a broad passive filter and a sharp active filter. All filters have a rounded-exponential shape. For each center frequency (CF), the gain of the active filter is controlled by(More)
Regional landscape ecological security is an important issue for ecological security, and has a great influence on national security and social sustainable development. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) in southern China has experienced rapid economic development and intensive human activities in recent years. This study, based on landscape analysis, provides a(More)
This paper describes an online algorithm for enhancing monaural noisy speech. First, a novel phase-corrected low-delay gammatone filterbank is derived for signal subband decomposition and resynthesis; the subband signals are then analyzed frame by frame. Second, a novel feature named periodicity degree (PD) is proposed to be used for detecting and(More)
A model for calculating auditory excitation patterns and loudness for steady sounds for normal hearing is extended to deal with cochlear hearing loss. The filters used in the model have a double ROEX-shape, the gain of the narrow active filter being controlled by the output of the broad passive filter. It is assumed that the hearing loss at each audiometric(More)
Previously we described a method of calculating auditory excitation patterns and loudness for steady sounds, based on a nonlinear filterbank. Here the method is extended to deal with time-varying sounds. Firstly, the input waveform is transformed to short-term spectrum by a structure with six FFTs, which using longer signal segments for low frequencies and(More)
OBJECTIVE Single-channel noise reduction (SCNR) and dynamic range compression (DRC) are important elements in hearing aids. Only relatively few studies have addressed interaction effects and typically used real hearing aids with limited knowledge about the integrated algorithms. Here the potential benefit of different combinations and integration of SCNR(More)
CHENFIT-AMP is a novel nonlinear strategy that combines the fitting (gain prescription) and amplification (gain implementation) procedures for cochlear hearing loss. The fitting part of CHENFIT-AMP prescribes gain for outer hair cell (OHC) and inner hair cell (IHC) loss, respectively. The gain for OHC loss varies with the cochlear gain decided by the value(More)
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