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Video sensors are used in wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) to enhance the capability for event description. Due to the limited transmission capacity of sensor nodes, a single path often cannot meet the requirement of video transmission. Consequently, multi­path transmission is needed. However, not every path found by multi­path routing algorithms(More)
Using multimedia sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) can significantly enhance the capability of WSNs for event description. Different kinds of holes can easily appear in WSNs. How to efficiently transmit multi-media streaming data and bypass all kinds of holes is a challenging issue. Moreover, some applications do not need WSNs to work for a(More)
Within the vision of ubiquitous multimedia, using multimedia sensor nodes, such as audio, image, and video sensor nodes, in wireless sensor networks can dramatically enhance the capability of sensor networks for event description. Different kinds of holes can easily appear in sensor networks. For example, tens of sensor nodes can consist of a hole in a(More)
In service-oriented computing, a user usually needs to locate a desired service for: (i) fulfilling her requirements or (ii) replacing a service, which disappears or is unavailable for some reasons, to perform an interaction. With the increasing number of services available within an enterprise and over the Internet, locating a service online may not be(More)
Spatial index and query are enabling techniques for achieving the vision of the Internet of Things. K-NN is an algorithm which is used widely in spatial database. Traditional query algorithms use R-tree as the index structure and improve the query efficiency by using the measurement distance and pruning strategy. Based on the study of previous algorithms,(More)
With the development of advanced mobile devices and social network services, mobile social network (MSN) has become popular in recent years. This paper we present a new perspective of MSN, the opportunistic MSN, which aims to enhance spontaneous interaction/communication among people that opportunistically encounter in the physical world, without any(More)
Control and data dependencies are important information in business processes that supports process modeling, analysis, and execution. However, sequencing constraints, which are prescribed by control structures, obfuscate the true sources of dependencies. In addition, most work improperly equalizes sequencing constraint and control dependency, and regards(More)
Spatial index trees constructed in wireless sensor networks are used to determine the sensors which can participate the query accurately and quickly. Most of index trees are constructed based on the parent--child node relation in network structure like routing tree, in which message sending for parent node selection will consume more energy. Due to energy(More)