Zhang Zhe

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Geometric nonlinearity of self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridges is studied in this paper. The repercussion of shrinkage and creep of concrete, rise-to-span ratio, and girder camber on the system is discussed. A self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge with a main span of 800 m is analyzed with linear theory, second-order theory, and nonlinear(More)
—The classical methods for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) azimuth ambiguity suppression are based on deterministic methodologies. However, the reconstruction with azimuth ambiguity problem is underdetermined. In this paper, we present a group sparse modeling based approach in which the reflectivity of target is extended as group sparse signal and its(More)
—The compressive sensing based imaging radar, as a combination of compressive sensing (CS) and microwave imaging, is attracting people's interest for its several advantages, but also facing application difficulties including the lack of performance evaluating tools. People have developed some tools e.g. RIP, MC and phase transit to analyze and evaluate the(More)
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