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The properties of adsorption of shikimic acid by activated carbons were investigated in batch experiments. The adsorption of shikimic acid was strongly influenced by temperature. The Freundlich and Langmuir models were used to fit experimental data. The results of regression showed that the Freundlich equation was more suitable. Some thermodynamic(More)
Dynamic alliance (DA), namely, virtual corporations (VCs), is an enterprise management method. It means a temporary union formed by some independent commercial processes or corporations. In this paper, we apply this method to the research of nodes dynamic scheduling in wireless sensor networks (WSN). We propose a DA model based on genetic algorithms (GA)(More)
An approach of on-line condition monitoring and mixed faults diagnosis for the squirrel cage induction motors is introduced in this paper. The proposed approach is based on spectral analysis of the average instantaneous power, which requires no stator or rotor parameters and has ability to separate mixed rotor faults. Theoretical analysis and experimental(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate protein kinase C-alpha (PKCalpha) expression in human renal cell carcinoma (RCC) tissues and cell lines, and its clinical significance. METHODS Expression of PKCalpha was analyzed by Western blot in 90 clinical specimens. The expression of PKCalpha in the cytoplasm or plasma membrane was correlated to clinical stage and grade to(More)
Towards the reactive compensation feature of distribution network and integral substation, this paper proposed an integration structure of distribution transformer and STATCOM (DT-STATCOM). It use the surplus capacity of transformer to compensate the reactive power; by setting the connect voltage flexible, it extended the switching devices selection; the(More)
In view of the traditional parallel FP-growth algorithm (PFP)that suffers from two major limitations, namely, multiple database scans requirement (i.e., high I/O cost) and high inter-processor communications cost, therefore we design and implement a parallel association rules mining method based on cloud computing. The algorithm adopts the separation(More)
Adenylate cyclase 3 (AC3) is one of the major players in the olfactory signaling within the main olfactory epithelium (MOE) of mice. However, we are not ascertained whether deficiency of AC3 will lead to the differential expression of related genes in the MOE. Forward and reverse subtractive libraries were constructed by suppression subtractive(More)
This paper proposes a new fault location method in distribution networks using Prony analysis. This method just needs the measured voltage transients without multi-recording nodes. Fault-originated traveling waves propagate along the distribution network and reflect at the discontinuity points, so the recorded transients contain some characteristic(More)
Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has revealed aberrant brain functional networks in individuals with generalized tonic-clonic seizure (GTCS). Little is known, however, about these changes in functional hubs across different frequency bands. In this study, we applied a data-driven method named complementary ensemble empirical mode(More)