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The properties of adsorption of shikimic acid by activated carbons were investigated in batch experiments. The adsorption of shikimic acid was strongly influenced by temperature. The Freundlich and Langmuir models were used to fit experimental data. The results of regression showed that the Freundlich equation was more suitable. Some thermodynamic(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate protein kinase C-alpha (PKCalpha) expression in human renal cell carcinoma (RCC) tissues and cell lines, and its clinical significance. METHODS Expression of PKCalpha was analyzed by Western blot in 90 clinical specimens. The expression of PKCalpha in the cytoplasm or plasma membrane was correlated to clinical stage and grade to(More)
Dynamic alliance (DA), namely, virtual corporations (VCs), is an enterprise management method. It means a temporary union formed by some independent commercial processes or corporations. In this paper, we apply this method to the research of nodes dynamic scheduling in wireless sensor networks (WSN). We propose a DA model based on genetic algorithms (GA)(More)
Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is a widely used power electronic device to achieve dynamic reactive power compensation and improve the power quality of the system. The ip-iq current detecting method is generally used for STATCOM reactive and harmonic command current detecting. However, it is required that the compensation point of STATCOM be the(More)
Theoretical research and equipment development of traveling-wave fault location seriously depend on digital simulation. Meanwhile, the fault-generated transient traveling wave must be transferred through transmission line, mutual inductor and secondary circuit before it is used. So this paper would maily analyze and summarize the modeling technology of(More)
In view of the traditional parallel FP-growth algorithm (PFP)that suffers from two major limitations, namely, multiple database scans requirement (i.e., high I/O cost) and high inter-processor communications cost, therefore we design and implement a parallel association rules mining method based on cloud computing. The algorithm adopts the separation(More)
Geometric nonlinearity of self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridges is studied in this paper. The repercussion of shrinkage and creep of concrete, rise-to-span ratio, and girder camber on the system is discussed. A self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge with a main span of 800 m is analyzed with linear theory, second-order theory, and nonlinear(More)
Adenylate cyclase 3 (AC3) is one of the major players in the olfactory signaling within the main olfactory epithelium (MOE) of mice. However, we are not ascertained whether deficiency of AC3 will lead to the differential expression of related genes in the MOE. Forward and reverse subtractive libraries were constructed by suppression subtractive(More)
Sparse microwave imaging radar is a newly developed concept of microwave imaging, which introduces the sparse signal processing theory to traditional microwave imaging. As a combination of sparse signal processing theory and microwave imaging, the sparse microwave imaging is attracting people's interest for its several potential advantages including better(More)
Towards the reactive compensation feature of distribution network and integral substation, this paper proposed an integration structure of distribution transformer and STATCOM (DT-STATCOM). It use the surplus capacity of transformer to compensate the reactive power; by setting the connect voltage flexible, it extended the switching devices selection; the(More)