Zhang Zhaohui

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According to the characteristics of small and medium-sized greenhouse environmental monitoring, this paper proposes a solution to remote greenhouse environmental monitoring which is based on GSM technology and RF. The system constitutes the regional environmental information monitoring network and close communication platform based on radio frequency.(More)
Three-dimensional thermo-mechanical FEM simulations are conducted for the tube plate welding. Different welding processes are simulated base on MARC. The optimization processes is evaluated by simulation results of welding residual stress distribution. The results shows that large welding seam, two sides alternative welding and TIG arc remelt weld toe can(More)
The confounding nature of the etalon-feature in THz frequency-domain spectra can be eliminated by truncating the time-domain data before the echoes. However, the spectra features are sensitive to the window length used to truncate the raw data. In this paper, we presented the impact of random truncation on the THz absorption features of L-Glutamine (Gln)(More)
In order to solve the defects in the heuristic algorithm, the paper proposes an improved intelligent algorithm based on pattern search and particle swarm optimizer. The algorithm adopts the improved exploratory move and pattern move to strengthen the optimization direction and speed up the local convergence. Meanwhile, the particle rebirth strategy is(More)
In order to acquire the real-time data from the high speed rotary instruments, a wireless communication unit has been developed based on single Chip 2.4 GHz transceiver nRF2401. The hardware interface circuit and software are introduced, signal transmission from the rotary part to the stationary part depended on radio, which realized the data processing and(More)
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