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Periodontal disease is characterized by the destruction of periodontal tissues. Various methods of regenerative periodontal therapy, including the use of barrier membranes, bone replacement grafts, growth factors and the combination of these procedures have been investigated. The development of biomaterials for tissue engineering has considerably improved(More)
BACKGROUND The Woman's Condom, a second-generation female condom, is poised for introduction in China. STUDY DESIGN This single-arm couples' use study was conducted in China in 2010 to assess performance and safety of the Woman's Condom and feasibility of mobile phone technology to record adherence data. RESULTS Sixty couples were enrolled in this(More)
Abbreviations: GTR, guided tissue regeneration; GBR, guided bone regeneration; RP, root planing; OFD, open flap debridement; PDL, periodontal ligament; CAL, clinical attachment level; GR, gingival recession; ABL, linear alveolar bone level; FFB, fresh frozen bone; FDBA, freeze-dried bone allograft; DFDBA, demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft; HA,(More)
Unigraphics NX (UG NX) software is mechanical engineering aided design system development America UGS a set of CAD / CAM / CAE in one. UG originated in USA McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company, later merged in 1991 into the world's largest software company -EDS. Widely used in electronics, aviation, automobile, household appliances, toys and other industries.(More)
Accuracy and relativity of information accessed by search engine are not so satisfied. In order to enhance efficiency of information retrieval, semantic Web mining technology is suggested to discovery knowledge hidden in Web information resources and a semantic Web mining framework is constructed. Then its architecture and pivotal technologies are also(More)
BACKGROUND The Woman's Condom, a second-generation female condom, is currently being manufactured in China by the Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus Company. The manufacturer plans to launch the product in China. METHODS A survey and focus group discussions were conducted with 73 women and 57 men from nine potential user groups in the Shanghai area to(More)
Market competition distribution analysis is the basis for developing competitive strategy. Artificial neural network has highly nonlinear capability. This ability can help to handle nonlinear problems addressed in market competition pattern analysis. BP neural network is used to analyze market competition distribution in an industry. This method can improve(More)
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