Zhang Yongzhi

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Based on image registration principle of the feature point, this article brings forward methods of a combination of Moravec and Forstner operator, extracts feature points in the base image making use of sequential detection algorithm from coarse to fine, and realizes automatic matching of the same name point in the pending registration images through the(More)
Rapid identification and detection of oil spills is significant to maintain marine environment and ecosystems, so this paper mainly researches on the edge extraction of marine oil spill in SAR images and then presents an improved algorithm based on MRoA operator and MSP-RoA operator. Because speckle noise is a large problem in SAR images since even a(More)
Oil spill accidents are seen relatively frequent and becomes a severe threat to coastal and marine ecosystems and water quality. Thus, active surveillance and rapid response to marine oil spills is important and essential to environment protection. So, this paper lays emphasis on the research of monitoring the marine oil spills for application by satellite(More)
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