Zhang Xiaohua

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There has been large amount of hydrological data collected by various sensors during the last years and how to discover the hidden knowledge among these data has caused more and more attention from diverse fields, such as hydrologist and researchers from data mining. This paper deals with similarity mining from hydrological time series and concentrates(More)
Point stabilization of a Tractor-Trailer Mobile Robot is addressed in this paper. Based on the transformed chained system, a discontinuous feedback control law with high order sliding mode method is proposed. Simulation is carried out to verify the control law and the results show that it can drive the system converge to the origin in finite time.
The traditional way to allocate the frequencies to new cells of in-service GSM network is always manually. The shortcoming is time-consuming, and the veracity is not satisfied. This paper presents an innovative algorithm of fully automatic frequency planning for the new cells. The proposal uses the triangulation principle to stratify the cell sites in GIS(More)
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